By dave | November 6, 2016

The nutricherry herb garden

Although at the moment my herb garden is a little overgrown and may look somewhat abandoned, it’s actually been quite productive this year. Our rosemary bush has provided more that we could possibly use, the oregano has been doing well and thyme likewise, has been providig more than enough for our cooking.

Growing herbs is generally quite easy as they are normally wild plants, this means they need far less looking after than other edible plants. I find just digging over and treating a bed with some compost is enough. Personally, I usually buy herbs as small plugs and plant them, but if you prefer then go direct from seed.

However, I’ve noticed that the Rosemary plant has a couple of branches that have turned brown, this is apparently caused by root rot from the soil being too wet; I’ll have to look and see how I can fix that by adjusting the drainage of the herb raised bed.

My favourite place to buy herbs is at the National Trust or English Heritage shops, they have one at most properties. Normally, we go to those places on a sunny day and they have fantastically maintained gardens, so by the time I’ve finished walking around, I’m ready to get a few herb plants. Also, it’s another way to help them keep going.

Some cabbage growing to the side My oregano plant Personally, I like to use organic compost for growing anything I'm going to eat. But at a minimum make sure the compost is suitable for food growing.

We even have a few cabbages growing in the corner of the raised bed! You can see in the picture of my cabbages over to the left that caterpillars have been eating them, I think that’s a good sign myself, it means they are free of pesticides.