Rosemary and Garlic Potato Wedges

Often when making pizza or even a main course I like to make a side dish of potato wedges. What better side dish than this? It ticks all the boxes: Easy to make, really good value and really tasty. You can vary this recipe to use pretty much any herbs available to taste. For this recipe to work, it’s best to use potatoes that are good for roasting such as Maris Piper, but to be honest I’m not too fussy and have made these wedges with just about every kind of potato imaginable.

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Spiced squash and sweet potato soup

When winter time comes around there’s nothing quite like a mildly spiced pumpkin or squash soup by the fire. As the weather gets cold the soups keep us warm, but they can be quite high in salt. What I like about spiced soups is that some of the salt can be replaced with herbs and spices. When it comes to squash and pumpkin, I like to roast then before putting into the soup as it really gives a deeper flavour.

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