By dave | November 12, 2019

TcMenu Designer App


TcMenu designer for both Windows and MacOS allow users to generate menu based applications for embedded devices, these applications can be controlled locally on the device, via a Java and C# API, and also using a pre-written user interface that can be downloaded from Windows App Store (or github).

This app provides the ability to generate a menu based application that can run on a wide range of boards, with commonly available displays and input methods. Displays include most Adafruit Graphics (OLED, Colour TFT, Nokia5110 etc) based displays, U8G2 (OLED, Nokia etc) based units and LCD (20x4, 16x2 etc) displays. In terms of inputs inbuilt support is available for rotary encoders, up/down/ok, matrix keyboards and analog joystick.

All menus can be made available remotely over Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth and other serial interfaces. There are several ways to access the menu remotely include directly writing to the fully documented protocol, using the Java or C# API, or using one of the available pre-built UIs.