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By dave | January 20, 2016

BMI testing - scales weight BMI testing is used to check if your weight is within range for your height. Although this test is often used to check if you are within the commonly accepted ranges of weight, it's not perfect. This is due to differences in body frames, metabolic rates, age groups, and a lifestyles.

Most importantly, we should be healthy, full of energy and happy no matter what our current BMI reading. It can be equally bad to have too low a BMI reading as a high reading. We think that BMI should be between about 18-25 for most people.

Note that any test results are approximate, and may not be accurate. Its fine for using as a guideline, but not suitable for any purpose where accuracy is required.

BMI Calculation Results

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BMI Calculator

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Generally accepted ranges for BMI testing

Although as noted above BMI tests are not a perfect tool, they are often used by medical staff as one means of assessing a persons height to weight ratio. Below is a table of the various reading ranges. Again, if you don’t fall into the normal category don’t made sudden changes without first consulting medical advice.

BMI RangeDescription
Below 18 Your height to weight ratio is less than normal
Between 18 and 25 Your height to weight ratio is considered normal
Between 26 and 30 Your height to weight ratio is greater than the norm.
Between 30 and 35 Your height to weight ratio is quite a lot higher than the norm.
Over 35 Obese, height to weight ratio much higher than normal.